Just what are the things we need to know before we start a YouTube channel? In this topic we’ll attempt to set these things out.

  • Facts
    • You’ll need to know why you’re doing it
      Like anything else we do, we need to have a reason; some overall aim to keep us turning up for work, interested and excited so that we’ll keep pushing forward. We’ll need a purpose and here are some examples:

      • As a marketer with little know how about video, I wan’t to become proficient at consistently producing high quality filmed stories so that I can share those learnings with others.
        So that’s my why and here are a few things to note:

        • I’m a marketer with little to no knowledge about making videos
          This is good – we know what lens we’ll view our channel through and from where we’re starting.
        • I want to become proficient at storytelling through video or films
          Right, I’ll need to focus on video and film making techniques that take me beyond being a novice or competent and towards proficiency.
        • I want to consistently produce high quality films
          Now this is specific, I’ll need a repeatable process and standards.
        • I want to share what I learned to help others.
          And finally, I’ll need an audience of similarly interested an motivated individuals that like what I do. And, I’ll need to formulate how I’ll share my knowledge and experiences.

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